Jes Extender Increases Penis Size!

There are diverse ways to increase your penis length and girth, but the most loved is using Jes Extenders. A Jes Extender is a medical device used for penis enlargement.

The body’s natural way to respond to traction has made it easier for people that use this device—Jes extenders multiple tissue cells. Does Jes Extender workYes, it works. However, to get better results, you need to use it diligently, correctly, and continuously.

According to some reviews, patient users have achieved more than double their initial size. Therefore, it works. For people who stop using it, the size will remain the same. Continued use of Jes-extender makes a single tissue of the penis shaft stretch leading to microscopic tears.

The existing tissues will begin to multiply to fill and replace the tears, the shaft then rebuilds at an extended size. Note that the more the tissue tears, the more you build up more tissues and the more your penis increases in size. How do You use it?

Jes-Extender has four units. A ring that circles the base of your penis, a strap to fasten the glans, a molded support for the head, and two arms attached to the penis base to inflict a light extension to your penis. It fits a penis size of between 4-22 centimeters in stretched flaccid state. Before we get to how the device is used, a user should wear it for 5-6 hours daily during the startup phase. In the first 2-3 months, there will be a noticeable 10 % increase in length.

In 4-6 months, clinical trial documents 28 % length and 19 % in girth. Let’s now jump into how you can position your penis extender: The two bars on the device should run parallel to your penis, and you can extend to 4 inches. The ring should be against the pubic bone. Ensure the whole unit is somewhat longer than the flaccid penis with a gentle stretch from the extender.

Now, you can fasten the rods at your preferred length. The longer you stretch the rod, the larger the stretch applied.

Secondly, attach your plastic front part supporting the head by ensuring you insert the rods into slots and fasten the strap around your penis head. You will hear a click sound after both pieces are put together.

You will now turn the hand screws inwards towards the penis. At this moment, you will feel the stretch increasing. With time, the arms are further adjusted to create more space for extension.


Increases your penis size

This device increases both the length and the width using the penile lengthening technique. The penis traction will give you a longer penis safely and naturally.

Helps in improving erection

It helps to correct the erection problem by improving the blood supply to your penis muscle. A penis will only erect when there is sufficient blood supply running through your penis.

Corrects premature ejaculation and impotence.

This device has been effective and beneficial to people who have experienced it to get a solution to correct impotence and immature ejaculation. Designed to assist in correcting the penis curvature.

This tool is designed to have a sturdy grip that can hold your penis in a particular position. This ensures the penis has a certain shape that cannot interfere in the way during sex performance. It corrects the curvature of your penis. It helps to build confidence.

When it is time to have sex, males with small penis lack confidence. This is a feeling that ends up affecting their capabilities to handle relationships. When you use this tool, it helps you to boost confidence. With time, you get to notice gradual improvements.


Manages specific medical conditions.
This penis extender has helped people suffering from a condition known as Peyronie’s disease. A condition that causes the penis curvature to develop.Harder and Quicker erections.

A person who is used to experience a not-so-hard erection has his problem solved by this tool. It keeps the blood supply high, thus making erection hard and quick.

Corrects penis curvature.
In case you have a bad curvature and you want it corrected, a Jes extender gives it a better and greater shape.

Increases ejaculation quantity.

With the right amount of nutrients, the amount of ejaculation increases when using this tool. People with low sperm count should count on this tool to increase their amount of sperm.
Increases penis size.
The main aim of this device is to increase the penis. Keep in mind that it increases both the circumference and the length of your penis. ConsUncomfortableAt first, the tool will make you feel uncomfortable before you get used to wearing it. Remember that you have to wear it for 4-6 hours, every day.
It can be harmful if worn incorrectly.
Besides being uncomfortable, the device can harm your body if not worn well. You experience skin issues, damage blood vessels, fractured penis, or inflict pain. In a Nutshell
This device is a reliable means of lengthening your penis. Fortunately, it doesn’t have any adverse side effects, making it much better than other methods of penis enlargement.
The pros beat the cons. However, the cons are subject to correction, and one can deal with them as time goes by. Therefore, a Jes extender is a tool that can be beneficial to many people who are worried and bothered by their small penis. It helps you increase both the length and the circumference of your penis, and you appreciate sex much. People who have used this tool before believe that their relationship with ladies and social lifestyle has improved drastically.
Most people are bothered by the sizes of the penis. In this case, don’t allow the stress to take over your life and rob you of your confidence. You will come across men who are not bothered at all and don’t consider a small penis a serious problem, but a short penis is a major problem that will ruin them psychologically for some males.