X4 Labs Pheromones

pheromones for menBuying X4 Labs Pheromones for Men made a lot of sense because I wanted to go the whole nine yards with my male enhancement program.  I wanted to make sure that I was covering all my bases – from acquiring penis power (by using the extender), to taking semen flavouring pills for my encounters, and to having the final accessory - pheromones.

Pheromones are scents you wear.  They act like aphrodisiacs except that aphrodisiacs work to increase sexual appetite and attraction, whereas pheromones give off scents that attract people to your radar.  When you begin to use X4 Labs Pheromones for Men and you happen to be in a nightclub, people will sniff your scent and you suddenly become a magnet to others.  This is because pheromones are like chemical messengers that transmit “I’d like to get to know you” messages to other people in the room.

What I liked about X4 Labs Pheromones for Men:  good product literature, nice convenient bottle to carry around, effective and potent.  Packaging is excellent and customer service is courteous.  I also like the money back guarantee.

What I didn’t like about X4 Labs Pheromones for Men:  the price!  At first I balked and wondered whether it was worth the almost $90.00 price tag, but I realized you only need a few drops, and the bottle will last at least six months, if not more.  It’s a good investment and a great add-on to your male enhancement routine.  You can’t really attach a price to the laws of attraction, can you?  I’d say, go for it!

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