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vimax introWhen we talk about male enhancement and penis enlargement supplements, Vimax is a lesser-known commodity. However, slowly but surely, it has established a decent following among those looking to better their sex lives by getting rid of weaker penis performance. Let's have a look at its positive and negatives.

The Benefits of the Vimax Supplement

thumbs downOne sure positive aspect of Vimax is an excellent customer support they offer with a 1-800 line and live online chat feature. Undoubtedly, I haven't heard of such a facility except in the case of BigPRX. The 60-days money-back guarantee acts as a cushion for the first time buyers. The product is priced competitively. Vimax supplement offers better value for money than Vimax patch. One thing that stands out for Vimax is the claim of the company that they sell penis enlargement products, unlike many other companies that avoid using such straightforward terms in order to save themselves from any potential liabilities. The company also offers membership of some adult websites on bulk orders. And just like any other similar product, Vimax is also shipped discretely.

The Negatives of the Vimax Supplement

negavtivesThe negatives of Vimax can't be ignored as well. To start with, you won't find much info about its ingredients, and even bad is the fact that a measurement of serving size is also missing. One notable omission in its ingredients is L-arginine HCL, an amino acid that the body breaks to form nitric oxide that is a proven performer when it comes to increasing the blood flow. Most successful penis enlargement pills work this way, i.e., by increasing the blood flow to achieve thicker and larger penis erections. Larger erections, over time, ensure stretching and expansion of penile tissues, and this process makes the results permanent. Ginko Biloba is the only proven ingredient in the supplement. The performance of others is not tested thoroughly.

The company claims that its supplement is manufactured in FDA-approved facilities. However, it should be noted that herbal supplements do not fall under the purview of FDA. Thus, this claim should be taken with a pinch of salt. On the same page, the company wants to drive home the point that they are the best in the business. Are they? The formulation is lacking and sales volume does not evoke much excitement when compared to rivals like Enzyte and VigRX.

Positive sexual benefits from Vimax supplement is, however, not the subject of any argument. In fact, it is perhaps the only pill that contains sativa extract, a known sexually beneficial natural ingredient. But I'd reserve my positive judgment about Vimax supplement.

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