Vimax Patches Reviewed - Alternate Penis Stretching Solution

In the line of endless penis enlargement tools and devices, Vimax Patch offers a deviation from the beaten path. A patch containing ingredients that help achieve penis enhancement is certainly an ingenious idea but does it really work? Are the results achieved permanent? Is it safe from side effects? Read on and get all your answers regarding Vimax Patch.

The Patch

Vimax Patch is simply a glued-on patch that sticks to the penis and silently works to increase the penis size. Available in a neatly packaged packet, the delivery of the product left a lot to be desired. My order arrived a week behind the scheduled date of delivery. Certainly, the initial experience left a lot to be desired. However, I didn't lose hope as it promised to help me achieve stronger and firmer organ within 9 weeks of its use!

The Working

Vimax Patch contains special ingredients like Ginseng, Fo-Ti, Gotu Kola, Saw Palmetto, Damiana, and Menthol, and all these have unique capabilities to help increase the blood flow in the penile region resulting in firmer and longer erections. The patch uses transdermal delivery to transfer natural ingredients in it through the skin. The absorption in this way goes directly into the bloodstream instead of being filtered through the liver right away.

Recommended Usage

For best results, don't just stick the patch and forget about it! Replace the patch every other day in order to give maximum chance to your penis to gain some benefit from the Vimax Patch.


Vimax Patch is largely safe to use. The patch does not pose any major health risk save for heart patients, who should consult their doctor before using the patch. 60-days money back guarantee acts as a cushion for non-performing patches. However, Vimax Patches do give favorable results till the time you are using them.


Vimax Patch manufacturers claim the results are permanent, but after discontinuing the use of patch after using it for 9 weeks, the penis size didn't show any improvement. This meant that all the positive results were temporary and the intention of the sellers is to keep you on patches for a longer period of time. Another thing that baffled me is that on the one side, the manufacturers claim that after using the product for 9+ weeks, you will see a very noticeable change. Not just in size but your penis will look firmer, stronger then you ever dreamed possible, while on the other, they claim that for best results we advice to use the patches for 5 months. With the 5 Month Supply you will also get a discount with a free gift. It all seems a gimmick to me.

Where to buy?

Vimax Patch can be ordered online via credit card from the official website or through mail, fax or phone.

Better Alternate Products

With $39.15 per packet, Vimax Patch is not an ideal solution for penis enlargement. You wonâ€t like to end up spending this much amount on something that is not a permanent solution for elongating your manly possession. On the other hand, I've found penis enlargement devices, such as X4 Labs Penis Extender, much safe, inexpensive, durable, and permanent solution for all male enhancement issues.

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