Vimax Extender - Popular Penis Enlargement Device Tested


vimaxWe represent a market research firm specializing in penis enlargement niche and the latest products launched in this niche. Recently, we did an extensive research on 20 penis extenders and reviewed their performance. And Vimax Extender competes with the Jes Extender in our Ranking.

According to our research, Vimax Extender was first developed by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana in 1994. The Vimax Extender has emerged as the one of the prominent contenders for top slot among penis enlargement devices.

Our studies reveal that some doctors recommend the Vimax Extender as an effective alternative to penile surgery. We also found out that Vimax Extender is a good choice if you are looking to increase the size of our penis by 1-3. The company claims that it can even correct the penis curvature by up to 90%.

The price range on the Vimax Extender varies. There are different options you can apply for. The standard device costs 299$. So cheaper than other competitor products. The price is just for the extender. You have to pay for further addons, exercise dvd's and other material.

Most penis enlargement extenders available in the market include pills and other expensive devices that require exercises. The Company claims that with Vimax Extender, you don't need any other exercise regimen. You just use the extender and enjoy the benefits. In our opinion you should apply to support male enhancement products for example Sinrex. They help to speed up the process in a natural away.

Vimax Extender Benefits Offered By The Manufacturer

  1. Lengthwise penis gain - up to 3 inches
  2. Girthwise penis gain - up to 3 inches
  3. Penis-head gain - permanent increase
  4. Curved Penis - permanent straightening
  5. Powerful, stronger, and firmer erections
  6. Increased blood flow
  7. Better sex drive and enhanced stamina
  8. Enhanced confident and self-esteem
  9. Overall better sexual and penis health
  10. No need for additional penile exercise for penis gains (however, exercises will only help your cause!)

Vimax Extender Guarantee

The manufacturers of Vimax Extender are so confident about their product that they offer 6-month money-back guarantee. You can claim full refund (if you are not satisfied with the product) within 6 months of buying that product by returning it back to the company.

Are there alternative products?

x4 labsThe best rated and very well developed device is the X4 Labs Extender. It is very common at the US market. Their product is highly recommended by medical experts. Our readers have rated this device on #1 in the penis extender section. Click here to read the full X4 Labs Review

For more information on Vimax Extender, visit the official website.


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