ProExtender Review- The Penis Stretcher Device in a chic packing


Penis enlargement devices have been around for years. The scientific belief in traction has led to the advent of ingenious devices that can actually help increase the size of male reproductive organ. In this review, I'll dwell upon the ProExtender Penis Enlargement Device and how far it has lived up to my expectations.

The Device

proextenderAs a keen follower and user of male enhancement devices, I was naturally quite excited when the ProExtender Penis Stretcher Device arrived in chic packing. In fact, one of the major attractions for me was the device that promised an easy-to-use and accuracy features. So, my excitement was kinda justified! The nicely crafted box contained white colored device, which is of course, not one of my favorite colors for it represents that I simply can't associate with my manhood! Along with the main device, there were add-on extenders that can be used to lengthen the bars of the device to desirable length. Basically, it was a standard device and not something that frequent users would be surprised with.

The Working - Does Pro Extender Work?

The ProExtender Penis Enlargement device works on the principle of traction, i.e., the step by step stimulation of stretching helps growth and expansion of tissue cells. And the best part is that this growth or change is permanent. The device can be attached to the penis is such a way that it allows the growth of additional tissue around the area, which ultimately results in elongated penis.

Recommended Usage

Actually, I found using the Pro Extender Stretcher device quite cumbersome. Despite the claims on their website, I found its working quite uncomfortable. The claims of wearing the device while sleeping are simply exaggerated, as you just canâ€t imagine being leashed from your organ in your sleep.


Of course, the device works on the principles of traction, which is a proven science and helps in growth of additional tissues and size. You may grow a few extra centimeters, but certainly, the claims of 29% average increase in 24 weeks are exaggerated. Again, the claims of girth increase are a little exaggerated, but you do get some additional girth as well.


The first negative of this device is the unease that is felt during and after its use. It takes scientific perfection to deliver a traction-based device, which is easy and pain-free to use. And ProExtender falls short on this count. The pain after use remains for good couple of hours. The exorbitant price tag of $299.95 for an Original ProExtender Device is something that I won't accept and recommend.

Where to buy?

ProExtender can be ordered online from the official website or through mail, fax or phone.

Better Alternate Products

x4 labsThough ProExtender Penis Enlargement device claims to deliver positive results for men with dissatisfactory penis length and girth, it does not quite match with some of the similar products, like X4 Labs Penis Extender.

Overall, ProExtender Review is not something out of the ordinary and certainly, falls short of the expectations raised by the official claims.

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