Phallosan Review - Medically Penis Stretcher

What is the Phallosan Extender

phallosan reviewPhallosan is a penis enlargement device that applies a constant stretch to the penis. This causes the cells within the penis tissues to divide and multiply, causing the penis to grow in both length and girth.

Unlike many other devices, the Phallosan penis stretcher also uses a vacuum protector system. This unnoticeable vacuum helps to increase blood flow to the penis as well as helping to enlarge all of the penis and not just the shaft.

Many devices can apply too much tension or can restrict blood flow, as the vacuum helps to control the amount of tension you are guaranteed that it will always remain comfortable.

The device uses a unique orthopaedic belt which fastens to the penis and goes around the waist, keeping it in place to ensure that it cannot fall off. There is nothing worse than buying a device that cannot be worn while doing day to day activities such as going to the shop, with Phallosan you can. As the penis is attached using the belt, it allows you to carry on as normal without any restrictions and more importantly it is not noticeable.

What do you get With Phallosan

Naturally when you spend money on a product you want to be reassured that you are getting the best thing for your money. When you buy Phallosan you will receive;

Clinically Proven Device

In 2005 there was a clinically study to see how effective the device would be, this was done in Germany at a urological clinic. The study included people aged between 20 and 68, the men within this study where looking for a variety of benefits ranging from;

  • Increased length due to a small penis
  • Issues after prostate surgery
  • Suffering from a penile deficiency such as a curvature
  • Diabetes

All of the men involved in the study had experience some benefits in both length and girth, the ones that had worn the device for more hours had naturally seen better results.

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Medically Approved

The device has been made to ensure that all of the materials used are safe and should not cause any allergic reactions. The belt does not contain any formaldehyde and the condoms have been produced to contain no latex.

The device has also met certain medical requirements of the European health authorities, as it has passed these requirements it carries the CE symbol.

Curvature Straightening With The Phallosan Extender

By applying tension to the penis in a certain direction for an extended period of time, the device can help to straighten any curvature on the penis. Curves can develop naturally over a period of time and can cause a lot of embarrassment for many men; in some cases it can also cause pain during sex.

Using a device such as Phallosan can help to reduce this curve and make sex more enjoyable for you, as well as giving you much more confidence.

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Phallosan Benefits

how does phallosan workIn order to see fast and effective results you want a high quality device, one that is going to give you the very best benefits. Using Phallosan you can see the below benefits;

Increased Length
During the clinical trials on average people saw around 1.9 inches increase in the length of the penis, this took on average 6 months.

Additional Girth
On average in a 6 month period you should see around 1 inch increase in width, this is based on the clinical studies done on the Phallosan system.

Curvature Straightening
As it applies a continued amount of tension, the device can be used to straighten curvatures.

Erectile Dysfunction
After the clinical studies many men had stated that they saw an increase in their erection strength, this is due to the vacuum protector that helps to increase blood flow to the penis.


If you're looking for a device that is guaranteed to not only give you size gains but also be comfortable then Phallosan is for you. It will help increase both length and girth and help to straightening any curve you may have.

Unlike other devices on the market it does not restrict blood flow and there is no risk of the penis slipping out of the device. Phallosan is the only device currently on the market that uses a patented orthopaedic belt to hold the penis in place, combined with vacuum technology.

As the Phallosan Extender is clinically proven to work, there is no reason why you would not see additional length.

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