Penis Weight Hanging


penis weight hangingThe penis weight hanging method is probably the most ancient of tactics in the world that has been utilized so famously for enhancing the penile. There is proof that the early Egyptian pharaohs hung weights on their penises for complete days to enlarge them. And the proof is not just with the penis too. African societies have employed taut necklaces to elongate necks, and in the same way, some Indian communities have hung weighty earrings to elongate their ears. Utilizing weights to elongate body tissues is not at all a novel occurrence.

In contrast to accepted notions, hanging weights and gravitational pull have nothing to do with each other. The penis does not become rigid because gravity pulls it. But the major cause is that the human body tissues are pretty flexible. They can modify themselves to altering surrounding circumstances, and eventually, such alterations can become long-lasting.

As the weights carry on extending the tissues of the penis continuously, eventually, the tissues will slacken and will hang more. This will give the feeling of an elongated penis. Also, the tissues will be capable of opening up more. At the time of erection, this will let them become better filled with blood. Thus, the erect penis will elongate more than usual. Another long lasting gain of penis expansion by weight hanging is that the weights will arouse the penis cells to increase. This will enhance the wholesome size of the organ, and result in enhanced tissue bulk.

Producers of penis weight hanging products have performed various trial experiments on model subjects to authenticate their goodies. In one such statistical trial, it was found that an augmentation of about 1.25 inches was seen in a sample area of 18 males through a time of four and a half months. The weights were suspended from the organs of these males for 12 hours every day, and for the whole of the week.

What are the risks involved with this method?

There are hazards connected with such weight-suspension as well. The major noteworthy hazard with suspending weights from the penis is that the weight could become exceedingly heavy, and could in fact harm the penis in the long run. If the weight is too much, then it could result in the organ becoming more slender. So, even if it is elongated, it will become more slender. For majority of the females, thickness of the penis is more vital than its length. There could also be trouble with blood movement if the weight becomes so heavy that it starts to limit the blood vessels. Such harm could last forever, resulting in the death of the organ. Stay with more safe methods like stretching devices 

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One more risk is that the weight is normally hung to the middle part of the penis. If the add-on is too taut, then it may diminish blood movement to the glans of the organ. This can result in organ contamination, and also gangrene. In this case, sometimes the penile needs to be amputated. But then again, this possibility happens only when males employ lesser quality weight-suspension devices obtainable in the market, or make their own weights in-house. If you are thinking of going for weight suspension for your penis, then you must depend only on known branded ones from trustworthy firms and not build your own contraptions or purchase inexpensive goodies from ill reputed stores.

The trouble with penis weight hanging is that they concentrate mainly on how long the penis is, and the thickness is not taken care of. That could, possibly, make the penis off-putting for females. Nevertheless, improvisations have been undertaken to enhance the thickness of the penis also. Such extending gear act along with penis weights. Employing both at the same time will make the penis longer while at the same time enlarging it. That will create a considerable enhancement in both length and thickness.

It is not easy to utilize!

For busy males, penile weight hanging could be a very inappropriate thing to do. Weights require to be suspended for a long time every day for many weeks. As this should be done in private, it is impossible to put in that much time. This is why weight suspending is not so accepted.

Penis weight hanging products are not that inexpensive. A plain weight suspending gadget would make your purse lighter by up to $1000 and if you decide to settle for the extending gadget as well, then that would be an additional $300 at the minimum. Considering the long time needed to be given for this method, and the expenditure on the side, weight suspending doesnâ€t feel like a sensible choice sometimes. Then, there are also the numerous health hazards that require to be thought about. There's a pretty elevated possibility that a male who purchases a weight suspending gear may not in really be able to utilize it, only as it is too tough to get some time to employ the tactic.

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Are there alternative methods?

penis extenderFar more harmless and less expensive methods would be the herbal supplements for penis enhancement that are obtainable in the market right now. These herbal products act by enhancing the blood movement to the penis, which eventually will make the penis develop in both length and girth.

Another effective way are so called penis stretching devices like X4 Labs or Sizegenetics. They work in a similar way to weight hanging but are much more easier to utilize. You can wear them under your wear for several hours. Therefore you are able to achieve great results in short time.


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