Penis Extender Testimonials

Our customers have been kind enough to report their experiences with the Penis Extender devices. Most of them have rated the X4 Labs Penis Extender the best among all the penis enlargement devices. You can send us your ratings too. Just shoot an email with your details.

x4 labs testimonials

Roger D., California, USA.

Just purchased the X4 Labs Extender a few days ago and I got it in the mail this morning. I was shocked at how fast it got here. Hope I will see major gains that fast... Until then, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

John C., Arkansas, USA.

I have always had a fear of buying a penis extender. My parents told me when I was younger that it would make my make my penis fall off. Years later a friend of mine told me how silly that notion was. I got the X4 Labs penis extender last month and am happy to inform that not only is my penis still intact, it got 1.5 cm longer!! =) 

Steven M., Kentucky, USA

Had a little extra money last summer so I allowed myself to buy the X4 Labs penis extender. What started out as an impulse purchase has turned into a positive long-term investment… I have noticed 2 inch gains in length and ½ inch gains in girth. What a great idea it turned out to be! Thanks X4.

Evan S., British Columbia, Canada

I never thought of myself as a small penis kind of guy, but last April I was in a locker room and noticed that at least half the guys had penises that hung almost twice as long as mine. I covered myself in embarrassment and ran out as fast as I could to go home and do some online research. It turned out that I was slightly below average (4.7"), but now thanks to X4 labs penis extender I am in a position that I feel comfortable going back to that locker room and showing everyone my new and improved penis. (6.4")

Dave W., Vermont, USA

I started the X4 labs penis enlargement regimen almost one year ago and here are my results in 3 month intervals: (I complemented penis extender and penis exercises with a healthy diet.) Jan 3, 2007 => 5.5 inches (flaccid), Apr 3, 07 => 5.7 inches, July 3, 07 => 5.875 inches, Oct 3, 07 => 6.01 inches, and Jan 3, 2009 => 6.2 inches. This may not seem like a big difference to some people, but I am very happy with it and my partner completely agrees…

Sandra N., New York, USA

I ordered the X4 labs penis extender product a few weeks ago for my husband. He has been using it about 10 hours a week and last week we measured it and to his and my amazement, he had already gained almost 1.5 inches. I was happy with his old size, but I must admit I am more happy now.

Francis O., San Francisco, USA

The X4 Labs Penis Extender is by far the best product on the market when it comes to natural penis enlargement. Not only was the customer service impeccable, the shipping ultra fast, but the device itself works miracles. I don't want to sound cheesy, but I owe a lot to you guys. Thank you so much for being there to answer my questions and providing a product that can actually help men born with unfair disadvantages.


February 20th, 2007

"Oh yes! Very pleased, just started about 5 days. And there's little improvement already! She'll be calling me Long Dong in no time!"

January 17th, 2006

"It's been over 3 weeks, About 1/8 gain in girth so far. I am hopeful for length gains"

October 21st, 2007

"Already starting to see some progress - penis looks fuller more often. Wearing the device is so comfortable. I'm very happy so far"

November 17th, 2007

"More Stamina, Quicker, recovery, long lasting erections"

October 4th, 2007

" I've been using the size genetics penis extender for around 14 weeks now. Increase in girth, much more intense orgasm and better control of climax. I look forward to continuing"

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