Penis Extender Devices – They Work Wonders

Any procedure that has scientific basis is much better than unproven mumbo-jumbo. This is true more so in case of penis enlargement where men resort to all kinds of tricks to get that just one inch extra. But of late, penis extender devices have gained immense popularity due to their scientific principle of traction delivering 2-3 inches of length and 15%-30% of girth gains.


Take the case of Craig S. from Michigan, who, in just 5 months, has gained 3 inches in length and 20% firmer penis. While sharing his before and after pictures with, he could not stop raving about penis extender devices, particularly the X4 Labs Extender. “The sight of my flaccid penis from front was not too impressive.

My girl used to give a wry glance at it communicating everything without even uttering a word. The side view was no better, as my penis resembled a small ladyfinger (pun intended)! So, I did what every self-respecting man would do. Straightaway, I hit the Internet and a few minutes later, found myself on, which is an encyclopedia on penis enhancement products available in the market. I chose their recommended X4 Labs Extender and the rest is history,” says Craig.




Martin H. from Florida shared his experience thus: “Like any noob, I hardly knew a thing about increasing the length or girth of penis. Actually, my immediate concern was inadequate girth, which was putting my relationship in jeopardy. All I heard about it – good or bad – was hearsay, but I must say, spending a couple of hours on empowered me with enough knowledge to choose the right product, which in my case, was X4 Labs Extender.

My penis girth improved by 30% and now, it’s driving my wife wild every time she feels a rock-solid erection within her,” informs Martin.

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Bob F. from North Carolina had another interesting experience to share. “My target was to focus on flaccid penis because I knew if my unexcited penis can leave a mark on my girl, the erection stage will blow her away in no time. During the initial few days, obviously, it felt awkward getting used to wearing the device for most part of the day. But the best part was that it never hurt me.

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The only difference was the feeling and knowledge that there is a device wrapped around my penis. As expected, the results were slow to appear, but after using it as prescribed for a month, I realized that I’ve hit a jackpot! The gains were surely visible. Now, my girl was not ignoring me. A good start! Another month’s use meant that my girl started admiring my malehood. And she was worshipping it after the third month,” says Bob.

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Mark S. from Alaska wanted a longer penis in a hanging position. “The front view of my penis in flaccid state and the side view were always impressive. But I wanted a longer look when it hung in an unexcited state. Just 4 months use of X4 Labs Extender was enough to give me extra couple of inches, which catapulted my sex appeal to even higher levels,” says an excited Mark.

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Undoubtedly, penis extenders are much ahead of their counterparts when it comes to increasing the length and girth. They are much more safe, reliable and scientific than any other mode of penis enlargement.

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