Jelqing Kit Provided By X4 Labs

I started jelqing about three years ago and I must say that I have become good at it, mastering the motions and movements to help my penis get the boost it needs.  I have noticed an improvement in my penis length and girth.  Jelqing is an old practice, and young Arab boys are taught to jelq at a young age.  Last year, I thought it was time to buy the jelqing kit by X4 Labs to help me track down results of my penis enlargement exercises.

The Package Includes

If you prefer jelqing over other penis enlargement exercises, then you need the X4 Labs jelqing kit.  It’s a must-have because you need to know how much progress you’ve made.  The kit comes with a tape measure, a jelqing towel and a special lubricant.

Measure Your Gains

The tape measure that is included in your X4 Labs Jelqing Kit is not just any ordinary tape measure.  It is divided into specific size increments so you can track the improvements in penis length and growth.  When jelqing exercises are done properly, some males report experiencing as much as 2 inches more to their penis in flaccid mode, and as much as 1.5 inches to penis girth.

The towel is non-allergenic and is made of natural fibers so as not to harm skin.  The lubricant has no harmful chemical ingredients.  All in all, therefore, the X4 Labs Jelqing Kit is a smart choice for your jelqing exercises.  If you want to be able to monitor results accurately, the X4 Labs Jelqing Kit will make your calculations error-free!

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